Meet The Founder

   Meet the founder, Nkoyo Adakama at just 24 years old she is on a mission to revolutionize the way people eat and see vegan food and spread the message of compassion. One year ago she went vegan overnight, she says "Something was calling her soul and she couldn't ignore it any longer, the message of compassion." It was the best decision she had ever made! 


   She noticed her over all well-being was changing within the first couple days. Her asthma had disappeared, her gastritis, depression, and anxiety as well as other debilitating health issues. She lost 75 pounds in less than a year! Without sacrificing delicious food! Something she thought would never be possible as every attempt prior was failing her miserably. She was in a vicious health cycle. Her peers began to take notice of how she was changing so quickly and she began changing their lives as well, with her amazing food and knowledge on health advantages of becoming vegan. 

   She noticed her influence and inspiration was spreading and FAST! Being vegan was giving her life changing results in just days. Inspired by these transformations Nkoyo knew she had to share this with the world and this was her true life's calling and in early 2018 Compassion Meals was born.

Customers are talking

Sophia H.


“I'm just so amazed! Like their recipes are so good and way better than the company I was ordering from before. Like way better and bigger portions and tastier. I'm so full!

Janay F. 


“Nothing like that unusual grain of unflavored vegan food everyone else serves! Their food is AMAZING!!!!”

Kelsey B.


“I can't even describe their food in words! Their foods is to die for! Im not vegan but it is some of the best food I've had!