Tips to stay active this fall!

We've all been there, fall arrives and suddenly we no longer want to exercise and do our normal activities. Some of us may even experience "seasonal depression" if your finding it more challenging to stay active this fall here are some tips!

Tip #1: Plan Ahead

When we plan ahead we're less likely to lose site of our goals! Adding your workouts to your calendars or even our phone alarm helps to stay on top of it, you're less likely to cancel !

Tip #2 : Something is better than nothing

A few minutes is better than nothing! You may not be able to fit in a full workout somedays and thats okay! Try a quick workout you can do at home, or on your lunch break! High intensity work outs are best for these quick workouts as they burn more calories in a short period of time.

Tip #3: Find an activity you enjoy

When we find an activity we enjoy we're more inclined to want to wake up everyday and do it ! My favorite activity is taking scenic walks in the morning or evening I find that it makes me feel better overall and I forget all my daily stresses and can take nice deep breathes and go at my own pace and enjoy natures offerings!

Thats it friends those are some of my tips for staying active this fall and winter! I challenge you to do the same! hope this helps!

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